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Car Wash Equipment

Mytee HP100 Grand Prix™

The HP100 Grand Prix™ automotive detail extractor transformed the automotive detailing industry. It ...

Hotsy HWE Series

The HWE Series is powered and heated by electricity, making it ideal for indoor use.

90' Smartlink Express Car Wash System

Hanna’s Smart Link System combines advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment in a fast and ...

Mytee S-300 Tempo™

S-300 Tempo™ Automotive Spotter Extractor is a sub-compact machine, but a full-size performer. ...

Super Saver Car Wash Pumping System

The premium Super Saver Car Wash Pumping System is the operator's choice. Loaded with the most ...

75' Hybrid III Car Wash System

The space saving Hybrid Systems are designed around the versatile and cost effective Stack and ...

Hotsy Super Skid HSS Series

The Super Skid HSS Series Hot Water Pressure Washer is by far, the largest, most powerful of ...

The Fusion X Rollover Automatic Car Wash System

Customers like choices. Some want a completely touch-free wash; others prefer a soft touch ...

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