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Car Wash Equipment

Hotsy Super Skid HSS Series

The Super Skid HSS Series Hot Water Pressure Washer is by far, the largest, most powerful of ...

Hotsy HWE Series

The HWE Series is powered and heated by electricity, making it ideal for indoor use.

Hotsy 1700 Series

The 1700 Series offers the most reliable stationary, electric-powered, cold water pressure washer ...

Hotsy BD Series

The BD Series is the most ruggest cold water pressure washer on the market with its all-steel frame ...

The Hotsy Trail Blazer

A Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer providing mobile cleaning anywhere.

Super Saver Car Wash Pumping System

The premium Super Saver Car Wash Pumping System is the operator's choice. Loaded with the most ...


The Splash-N-Dash is a single bay self-contained car wash system that offers a wide variety of ...

Car Wash Vacuums

Car Wash Vacuums have proven to be a very profitable source of income and are widely used in ...

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