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Cleaning Products

MOC Spray & Gloss™

This silicone-based aerosol dressing quickly shines and protects exterior and interior surfaces ...

MOC Banana Wax®

Great for dark paints- leaves a deep "wet look" shine with no streaks or smudges.

MOC Tire & Trim

A solvent-based formula that leaves a glossy finish.

MOC Liquid Wonder™

A hybrid formula that combines the quick ease-of-use of a liquid wax and the protection of a crème ...

MOC Leather Shield

Restores and preserves the natural luster and softness of leather.

MOC Magna Seal™

A fast, liquid wax for paint, chrome and glass. Economical - a little goes a long way.

MOC Shine n' Guard

A thick, water-based high-gloss dressing.

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