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Samson PumpMaster 2

8 G.P.M. — 2" Air motor piston — 4" Stroke. 3:1 Ratio pumps for oil distribution system. Ideal for ...

Samson PumpMaster 4

Heavy duty pumps designed to pump high volumes of oil, even those of higher viscosity (SAE 140), ...

Samson PumpMaster 4 — 8:1 Ratio Heavy Duty Pump

For Longer Fluid Lines, Multiple Outlets, and Severe Duty Installations.

Samson Pumpmaster 6 — 10:1 Ratio Fluid Pumps

Extra Heavy Duty Pumps For Grease And Fluid Distribution Systems. Heavy duty, High pressure, High ...

Samson PumpMaster 6 55:1 Ratio Grease Pumps

Heavy duty, High pressure, High performance fluid and grease pumps for installations having long ...

Samson PumpMaster 3+3

Heavy duty, High volume, High pressure grease pumps. 3” piston + 3” stroke DELIVERS OVER 3 LBS PER ...

Samson Dispensing System

Unique 2:1 long stroke pump (4”) - one pump for all fluids, including gear lube.

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