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Slime Moto Spair

The Moto Spair Kit combines Slime sealant and a Slime inflator, allowing you to repair and inflate a flat tire in minutes!

The Moto Spair is designed to inflate Motorcycle and Scooter tires. It is compact and stores easily in a motorcycle saddle bag. Our Slime sealant seeks out and repairs tread area punctures up to 1/4” (6mm) in diameter repeatedly for up to 2 years! Slime Tire Sealant is for temporary repair only. After using Slime, have your tire professionally repaired as soon as possible.

Tire inflation time: 4 min

Total repair time: 15 min.

Sealant seeks out and repairs punctures up to 1/4” (6mm)

Non-toxic and non-corrosive

Safe for tires and rims

Environmentally friendly


  • 8oz Slime Tire Sealant
  • Compact 12V Tire inflator
  • Adapter for any battery (Universal connections)
  • 10-50 PSI pencil tire gauge
  • Rugged zippered case
  • Powerful 100 PSI Air Compressor
  • Instructions

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