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Other Accessories

Slime 0-120 PSI Digital Tire Gauge

Our newest Digital gauge forms perfectly to the palm of your hand and provides enough hose to fit ...

Slime 10-160 PSI Dually RV Gauge

The Dual RV gauge is great for 4x4s and SUVS. It is built to last!.

Slime 10-160 PSI High Pressure Gauge

Our High Pressure Dial Gauge has rugged housing for maximized grip. Make reading your tire pressure ...

Slime 10-50 PSI Tire Gauge

Our Slime Pencil gauges are the ultimate solution to checking your tire pressure on the go!

Slime 5-150 PSI Digital Gauge

The Mini Digital Gauge is compact and accurate! Store it on your keychain and maintain proper tire ...

Slime 5-150 PSI Digital Sport Tire Gauge

The Digital Sport Gauge has a lighted tip that makes checking tire pressure at night fast and easy!

Slime Dually Valve Extenders

Extend hard to reach dually valves with this complete kit!

Slime Plugs • Pack of 30, Extra Long, Extra Wide

Repair puncture related flats on ATVs, Mowers, Trailers and Wheelbarrows with our long-lasting ...

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