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Other Accessories

Slime 5-150 PSI Digital Sport Tire Gauge

The Digital Sport Gauge has a lighted tip that makes checking tire pressure at night fast and easy!

Slime Plugs • Pack of 30, Extra Long, Extra Wide

Repair puncture related flats on ATVs, Mowers, Trailers and Wheelbarrows with our long-lasting ...

Slime 0-120 PSI Digital Tire Gauge

Our newest Digital gauge forms perfectly to the palm of your hand and provides enough hose to fit ...

Slime Valve Fishing Tool

Our Valve Fishing Tool works great in valve stem installations and cleaning threads!

Slime 10-160 PSI Dually RV Gauge

The Dual RV gauge is great for 4x4s and SUVS. It is built to last!.

Slime Dually Valve Extenders

Extend hard to reach dually valves with this complete kit!

Slime 10-160 PSI High Pressure Gauge

Our High Pressure Dial Gauge has rugged housing for maximized grip. Make reading your tire pressure ...

Slime Tire Valves TR415

Replace Worn and Leaky Valves. Size: 1.25" (TR415). 2 pack. .625 rim hole.

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