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Slime Safety Spair

The Safety Spair Kit combines Slime sealant and a Slime inflator, allowing you to repair and inflate a flat tire in minutes!

The Safety Spair is for Standard Tires and repairs a flat at the push of a button: Slime latex tire sealant and air are sent into the flat tire, repairing and reinflating the tire in one simple step. Slime Tire Sealant is for temporary repair only. After using Slime, have your tire professionally repaired as soon as possible.

Tire inflation time: 4 min

Total repair time is 7 min

Sealant seeks out and repairs punctures up to 1/4” (6mm)

Non-toxic and non-corrosive

Safe for tires and rims

Environmentally friendly

TPMS safe sealant


  • 16oz, Slime latex tire sealant (TPMS safe).
  • Heavy-duty 12V tire inflator with LED light.
  • Built-in pressure gauge.
  • Doubles as a tire inflator.
  • Refills available.
  • Repair good for 500 MIles.
  • Convenient zippered case.

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